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Jib Cranes

Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacture of composite materials with constant cross-section. Reinforced fibers are pulled through a resin, possibly followed by a separate preforming system, and into a heated die, where the resin undergoes polymerization. Many resin types may be used in pultrusion including polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester and epoxy.

Diagram of the pultrusion process

1 - Continuous roll of reinforced fibers/woven fiber mat
2 - Tension roller
3 - Resin bath
4 - Resin soaked fiber
5 - Die and heat source
6 - Pull mechanism
7 - Finished hardened fiber reinforced polymer

We are one of the most advanced Pultruders in the industry as far as our technology & quality is concerned. We offer end –to-end services involving consulting, designing, production & assembly of custom designed pultruded products for a wide range of applications.

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A. Under Slung Crane
Capacity : Up to 25 Ton
Span : Up to 20.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

B. Semi Goliath (Gantry) Crane
Capacity : Up to 20 Ton
Span : Up to 15.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

C. Traveling Jib Crane
Capacity : Up to 5 Ton
Length of Jib Arm : Up to 5.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 10.0 Meter

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