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FRP Pultruded Profile - Introduction


FRP, GRP, CFRP & Pultrusion Profile Manufacturers

Everlast  is most experienced and well known  manufacturer and supplier of FRP profiles, GRP profiles, and CFRP profiles in India. Everlast  is a reputed supplier among several leading manufacturers and distributors of FRP profiles, GRP profiles, and CFRP profiles as it makes a quality difference by offering premium profiles and GRP tubes in the market.

Everlast Pultruded Fiberglass Sections provide a unique and unmatched combination of corrosion resistivity, high strength, thermal & electrical non-conductivity, dimensional stability and light weight sections providing virtually maintenance free services in most harsh industrial environments where traditional materials like steel, aluminium or wooden have failed to provide all the above properties.

These FRP pultruded sections are widely used as a better alternative to stainless steel and other expensive components. Compared to these materials, the manufacture of Everlast pultruded FRP products produces fewer air and water emissions, consumes less energy and emits less greenhouse gas, leading to both a reduced environmental impact and a lower carbon footprint.

Everlast FRP composite products have high resistance to rot and corrosion, a longer and more economical service life and require less frequent energy-intensive maintenance and replacement. These inherent advantages lead to superior overall sustainability for our FRP products.

Product Information & Corresponding pictures

Everlast FRP Pultruded Sections include Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Wide flange beams, Round, Rectangular & Square Tubes, Round and Square Bars, Flat Sheets, Concrete embedment angles, etc.

Everlast FRP Pultruded Sections are manufactured using highest quality materials under stringent quality check and testing norms coupled with better service delivery. Large volumes can be delivered within short span of time thereby adhering to strict deadlines with the help of best in class infrastructure and quality & trained workforce.

Key Characteristics of Everlast FRP Pultruded Sections:

  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance: Responsible for enhancing the life of the product in harsh environments subject to extreme conditions of industries.

  • High Strength and Light Weight: This property of FRP allows dependable support to applied loads providing higher strength to weight ratio as compared to any other material.

  • Thermal & Electrical Non-Conductivity: Very essential characteristics ensuring highest safety standards for the personnel working there.

  • Dimensional Stability: The product is so designed which maintains cross-section of shapes based on low co-efficient of thermal expansion.

  • Electromagnetic transparency: The products does not interfere with the transmission of radio and microwave frequencies.
FRP Pultruded Profile - Process

Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacture of composite materials with constant cross-section. Reinforced fibers are pulled through a resin, possibly followed by a separate preforming system, and into a heated die, where the resin undergoes polymerization. Many resin types may be used in pultrusion including polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester and epoxy.

Diagram of the pultrusion process

1 - Continuous roll of reinforced fibers/woven fiber mat
2 - Tension roller
3 - Resin bath
4 - Resin soaked fiber
5 - Die and heat source
6 - Pull mechanism
7 - Finished hardened fiber reinforced polymer

We are one of the most advanced Pultruders in the industry as far as our technology & quality is concerned. We offer end –to-end services involving consulting, designing, production & assembly of custom designed pultruded products for a wide range of applications.

FRP Pultruded Profile - Features






Unit strength in tension & compression in approx 20x that of steel when these propoerties are combined on the basis of unit density

Optional strength as desired. Exceptionally high impact strength reduces damage potential

Structural Process equipment support. Tank Supports, Cooling tower ancillaries. Flooring supports. Trusses & Joints

Light weight

Density of pultruded components is about 20% of steel and 60% of aluminium.

Higher performance at less weight. Lower shipping handling & installation costs. Less operational energy demand

Automative lead springs & bumpers. Prefabricated walkways & Platforms. Bus components

Corrosion Resistance

Unaffected by exposure of a great variety of corrosive enviornment & chemicals

Minimum maintenance costs. Long tern safety. Longer Life

Chemical plant hand railings gratings, walkways & bridges cable trays, pipe supports

Electrical Insulation

Provides strength and rigidity with dielectric propoerties

Lesser no. of components. Non-magnetic & safe. Predictable insulation values for wide range of frequencies.

Ladders, cable trays. Switch gear components. Mounting braces and backboards.

Termal Insulation

Pultruded Components have a low thermal conductivity, 1/250 of aluminium & 1/60 of steel.

Reduces installation thickness Elimates condensation problems. Reduces energy operation requirements.

Bulk head frames. Walk in refrigerator door jams. Window frames. Insulated roll up panel doors


Many individual components can be combined into a larger structure

Reduced assembly cost, reduced inventory. Fewer parts improve reliability.

Window latch supports. Roll up door

Dimensional Stability

Pultruded components are highly resistant to warping stretch/swelling over a wide range of temperature & stresses

No permanent deformation under high stress. Close tolerances.

Spring bumpers. Crossing gate arms, scrubber components


The pultruded components are very strong & safe to work with. They are microbes and insect proof.

Many gratings suffer from the problem of microbes etc. due to wet or unhygienic working conditions.

Chemical & pharmaceutical industries


FRP Pultruded Profile/Gratings - Application

Pultrusion products have a wide range of applications spanning across industries like infrastructure, electrical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, heavy industries, Automotive etc. We have developed several applications using pultruded products in several of these industries. These applications are listed below. Along with this we also work closely with our clients to develop customizes products to suite their application. For more information on our current applications or other application kindly get in touch with us directly.

FRP Pultruded Products

Structural Shapes, Ladders, Consumer Product Range, Gratings, Cable Trays


FRP/GRP Pultrusion Product Range

Pultrusion is the most cost-effective method for the production of fibre-reinforced composite structural profiles. It brings high performance composites down to commercial products such as light-weight corrosion free structures, electrical non-conductive systems, off-shore platforms and many other innovative new products.

Our pultrusion products range include round rods, rectangles, squares, ‘I’ sections, ‘T’ sections, angles, channels, dog bone profiles, dove tail sticks and spacers, corner profiles, hallow sections, etc.

FRP Pultruded Structural Shapes

Pultruded Structural Shapes are good alternative over conventional metal structural shapes & Offers ideal solution against corrosion problems failed in industrial environment.


  • Walkways & Bridges
  • Electrical Insulating Sections
  • Cooling Tower Sections
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Maintenance Platforms
  • Ladders and Hand Rails
  • Fencing & Signboards
  • Buildings and Sheds
  • Mezzanines
  • Booths
  • Baying Platforms
  • Pipe and Equipment Racks
  • Tank Loading Platforms
  • Trash and Bar Screens
  • Decks
  • Tank Covers and Supports

FRP Pultruded Products

Structural Shapes, Ladders, Consumer Product Range, Gratings, Cable Trays


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A. Under Slung Crane
Capacity : Up to 25 Ton
Span : Up to 20.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

B. Semi Goliath (Gantry) Crane
Capacity : Up to 20 Ton
Span : Up to 15.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

C. Traveling Jib Crane
Capacity : Up to 5 Ton
Length of Jib Arm : Up to 5.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 10.0 Meter

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