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Jib Cranes

Pultrusion products have a wide range of applications spanning across industries like infrastructure, elecrical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, heavy industries, Automotive etc. We have developmed several applications using pultruded products in several of these industries. These applications are listed below. Along with this we also work closely with our clients to develop customizes products to suite their application. For more information on our current applications or other application kindly get in touch with us directly.


  • Walkways & Bridges
  • Electrical Insulating Sections
  • Cooling Tower Sections
  • Cable Tray Systems
  • Maintenance Platforms
  • Ladders and Hand Rails
  • Fencing & Signboards
  • Buildings and Sheds
  • Mezzanines
  • Booths
  • Baying Platforms
  • Pipe and Equipment Racks
  • Tank Loading Platforms
  • Trash and Bar Screens
  • Decks
  • Tank Covers and Supports
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A. Under Slung Crane
Capacity : Up to 25 Ton
Span : Up to 20.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

B. Semi Goliath (Gantry) Crane
Capacity : Up to 20 Ton
Span : Up to 15.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 15.0 Meter

C. Traveling Jib Crane
Capacity : Up to 5 Ton
Length of Jib Arm : Up to 5.0 Meter
Height of Lift : Up to 10.0 Meter

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